Jasmine Sinclair

Meet our resident model Jasmine Sinclair...
...Exclusive to BoundHoneys!

Never happier than when bound, stripped and punished, Jasmine was born to submit!

Renowned bondage model and generally naughty girl, you'll see Jasmine in the thick of things as she takes every kind of punishment and abuse you can think of...and more besides!

Poor Jasmine loses her clothes, her dignity and much more as the other Honeys take full advantage of her, for our viewing pleasure! Tied up, spanked, stripped, abused, clamped, gagged, exposed, and bondage fucked. Jasmine would not want it any other way!!

But is there trouble brewing???....
....Nowadays you may also find Jasmine dishing out the abuse on other hotties, not just taking it! As a natural submissive, Jasmine knows EXACTLY how to push the buttons of any honey under her control. And she definitely doesn't take any prisoners! So you may well find Jasmine wearing the strap-ons these days, not only being pummeled by them. But whenever Jasmine does become Domme, it's pretty common to find her submissive get revenge. And when she does, it's sexy bondage carnage!

Height: 5 ft 4" (163 cm)
Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Bust: 32" DD
Waist: 23"
Hips: 33"
Eye Colour: Blue-Green
Hair: Blonde/Long
Shoe Size: 6 (US)
Dress Size: 4 (US)

29227 photos

3087 minutes

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Updates with Jasmine Sinclair...

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A Very Dirty Habit!

5 July, 2013

233 Photos & 24 Mins Video
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Jasmine Sinclair, Mistress Carly

Strict and scary Sister Carly has a very special way to deal with naughty novice nun Jasmine... Reported for masturbating, Jasmine faces an ONSLAUGHT OF HARSH CORPORAL PUNISHMENTS AND KINKY SEX in this extra special roleplay!! Sister Carly pulls down Jasmine's panties and hand spanks her hard. But that is just a warm up. Tying Jasmine to the desk with legs spread open, she treats her bare back side to a LEATHER WHIP, RIDING CROP, CANE AND MORE! Backside glowing red, Jasmine is exhausted but things only get worse for her! Still tied down helpless, Jasmine endures a VIBRATOR, STRAP-ON LESBO SEX AND MULTIPLE FORCED ORGASMS! And just what is Sister Carly going to do with that hot molten wax from her candle?? Sensational! (more for members...)

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The Honey Trap...

1 July, 2013

216 Photos & 15 Mins Video
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Tiffany Naylor, Jasmine Sinclair

REVENGE IS SERVED... Tiffany finds out to her huge cost not to mess with Jasmine's husband!! Tiffany is texted to meet him in an alley, but she's been fooled and it's a trap! Jasmine overpowers her, ties her up with rope and strips off her clothes! Jasmine lets her fury RUN RIOT all over Tiffany's body, WHIPPING HER ASS TILL IT GLOWS. She tape-gags Tiffany silent then SPREADS TIFFANY'S PUSSY WIDE FOR A FINGERING! With Tiffany totally helpless, Jasmine slips into a STRAP-ON and FUCKS HER PREY FROM BEHIND! Tiffany has to take EVERY DEGRADING INCH of Jasmine's cock as it thrusts in and out, forcing her to orgasm! And if Tiffany thinks that is the end of her ordeal, she is very much mistaken...!!

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Work Sexperience: "I'll Do Anything!"

28 June, 2013

189 Photos & 23 Mins Video
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Jaiden West, Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine is not impressed when new girl Jaiden arrives for her work experience at the massage parlour! Wearing platform heels, tattoos and a dress that covers almost nothing, Jasmine is ready to send Jaiden home right then. But Jaiden is desperate and tells Jasmine she will do anything she wants. Jasmine takes her at her word... Jasmine orders Jaiden to strip naked and spanks her ass till it glows bright red! She ties her protégé in tight rope, legs apart and bent over the massage table so her pussy is exposed and wide open. Jasmine WHIPS HER BUTT AND CLIT HARD! Jaiden faces FORCED ORGASMS, STRAP-ON FUCKING, BALL-GAGGING, ORAL SEX AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! (more for members...)

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Prison Break: Recaptured in the Woods!

26 June, 2013

13 Minute Video

Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine gives the guards on the chain-gang the slip and makes for the woods! Itís hard going for her, leg-ironed, handcuffed and barefoot on the rough dirt. Just as she thinks she has made it, a guard recaptures her. He should take her back to the prison, but he wants some fun first!! (more for members...)

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Bondage Sexercise

24 June, 2013

100 Photos & 15 Mins Video
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Sasha Cane, Jasmine Sinclair

Sasha's says she is desperate to get fit, although she doesn't seem that bothered to her trainer Jasmine! Jasmine takes things into her own hands to force Sasha to burn those calories, using her own special brand of gym training...SEXERCISE! (more for members...)

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"Spank Me Mistress!"

21 June, 2013

230 Photos & 29 Mins Video
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Jasmine Sinclair, Katie K

Jasmine's wishes come true...AND A WHOLE LOAD MORE!!! Kinky slavegirl Jasmine wants to be bent over Mistress Katie's knee and spanked on her ass! Mistress Katie obliges her, hand spanking and paddling Jasmine's backside till it glows red! But why stop there? Jasmine is chained up and made to endure tit abuse, nipple clamping and PUSSY WHIPPING. Stinging from the pain, Jasmine is now order to kneel and to LICK OUT HER MISTRESS! Mistress Katie sticks a DOUBLE-ENDED DILDO inside herself and makes Jasmine GIVE HER HEAD AS SHE CUMS!! Then just as little slutty Jasmine thinks it is all over, Mistress Katie slips into a STRAP-ON AND FUCKS JASMINE FROM BEHIND!!! Sensational Lesbian Bondage and BDSM! (more for members...)

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