Jasmine Sinclair

Meet our resident model Jasmine Sinclair...
...Exclusive to BoundHoneys!

Never happier than when bound, stripped and punished, Jasmine was born to submit!

Renowned bondage model and generally naughty girl, you'll see Jasmine in the thick of things as she takes every kind of punishment and abuse you can think of...and more besides!

Poor Jasmine loses her clothes, her dignity and much more as the other Honeys take full advantage of her, for our viewing pleasure! Tied up, spanked, stripped, abused, clamped, gagged, exposed, and bondage fucked. Jasmine would not want it any other way!!

But is there trouble brewing???....
....Nowadays you may also find Jasmine dishing out the abuse on other hotties, not just taking it! As a natural submissive, Jasmine knows EXACTLY how to push the buttons of any honey under her control. And she definitely doesn't take any prisoners! So you may well find Jasmine wearing the strap-ons these days, not only being pummeled by them. But whenever Jasmine does become Domme, it's pretty common to find her submissive get revenge. And when she does, it's sexy bondage carnage!

Height: 5 ft 4" (163 cm)
Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Bust: 32" DD
Waist: 23"
Hips: 33"
Eye Colour: Blue-Green
Hair: Blonde/Long
Shoe Size: 5 (US)
Dress Size: 4 (US)

29555 photos

3286 minutes

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Updates with Jasmine Sinclair...

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Just the Ticket for Parking Attendant!

25 August, 2014

198 Photos & 22 Mins Video
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Brooklyn Blue, Jasmine Sinclair

A blonde parking attendant gets more than she bargains for when she gives Jasmine Sinclair a ticket! Jasmine flips and tears into poor Brooklyn literally, RIPPING HER PANTYHOSE so she can spank her bare ass! Handcuffing her and gagging her with tape, Jasmine puts the attendant through a load of kinky sex bondage, whipping her as she goes. Brooklyn is made to SUCK AND FUCK a dildo, Fuck Jasmine with a COCK-GAG, and take a DOUBLE-ENDER for even more orgasms! Not that Brooklyn seems to mind being totally used by the end of her ordeal... (more for members...)

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Geisha Girl Gets It!

22 August, 2014

191 Photos & 23 Mins Video
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Jasmine Sinclair, Jasmine Jae

When Geisha Girl Jasmine Sinclair gives her favorite customer freebies, it doesn't go down well with her boss, Mistress Jasmine Jae! Jasmine Jae totally dominates Jasmine as she sets out to teach her never to do it again! Hand spanking her till her butt glows red, this is just the beginning... Jasmine is tied tight so her legs are wide apart and her pussy on FULL DISPLAY. Mistress works a PINWHEEL over her tits, feet and sex hole, then clamps her nipples with CHOPSTICKS!! Jasmine is made to take a VIBE as Mistress works her to orgasm, but only on her say so! It's all about CONTROL as Mistress Jasmine Jae tells her when to cum. And then it's her own turn to have some fun!! (more for members...)

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Mind-Fucked Slave Slut!

18 August, 2014

190 Photos & 21 Mins Video
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Jasmine Sinclair, Holly Kiss

An incredible marathon of DENIED ORGASMS and pussy abuse lie in store for Jasmine, as her Mistress fucks with her mind as well as her body!!

For orgasming without permission, slave Jasmine is stripped naked, arms tied high, her legs bound wide open. Now Mistress Holly abuses her sweet body to the max. From her tits to her pussy, Holly makes Jasmine pay. Fingering Jasmine deep and working her clit with a massage wand, she brings Jasmine to WITHIN AN INCH OF CLIMAX then pulls out. If Jasmine thinks she is in for a session of orgasm after orgasm, she has another thing coming...it just won't be her!!!
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Lollipop Chainsaw Jas'acre!

15 August, 2014

251 Photos & 19 Mins Video
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Chessie Kay, Jasmine Sinclair

Fantasy video game play comes to life in this kinky lesbian bondage update!

Cheerleader Juliet is all set for a night on the town, killing zombies! But first a lick on her favorite thing, a lollipop, won't matter, will it? Wrong!!! Cheerleader Jasmine has put something in the lollipop to suck Juliet of all her powers. Jasmine's zombie boyfriend is next in line on Juliet's hit list, and Jasmine will do ANYTHING to stop that happening, and she does! It's total CHEERLEADER CARNAGE on poor Juliet as Jasmine ties her up helpless and spread and made to suffer! She strips her, gags her, whips her, abuses her nipples and penetrates her pussy! Juliet is fucked and fucked till she CUMS!! Even Juliet's long blonde hair gets bondage and abused. And it's not only Juliet that ends up naked and orgasming in this sexy BDSM tale from the other side of the video console screen...
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Taught a Lesson at Bondage School! Episode 1

11 August, 2014

152 Photos & 20 Mins Video
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Hannah Shaw, Jasmine Sinclair

College pupil Hannah learns about bondage the hard way from teacher Jasmine Sinclair! Hannah is curious and wants to know all about it, but she doesn't realize she'll be totally helpless in a MONO-GLOVE, stripped completely naked and TIED TIGHT... Jasmine educates Hannah in a lesson of BONDAGE, ORGASMS AND SENSORY DEPRIVATION! Ballgagging Hannah, Jasmine uses a wand against her pussy to make her cum, and covers her head in a hood so she doesn't know what will happen next!!

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