Jasmine Sinclair

Meet our resident model Jasmine Sinclair...
...Exclusive to BoundHoneys!

Never happier than when bound, stripped and punished, Jasmine was born to submit!

Renowned bondage model and generally naughty girl, you'll see Jasmine in the thick of things as she takes every kind of punishment and abuse you can think of...and more besides!

Poor Jasmine loses her clothes, her dignity and much more as the other Honeys take full advantage of her, for our viewing pleasure! Tied up, spanked, stripped, abused, clamped, gagged, exposed, and bondage fucked. Jasmine would not want it any other way!!

But is there trouble brewing???....
....Nowadays you may also find Jasmine dishing out the abuse on other hotties, not just taking it! As a natural submissive, Jasmine knows EXACTLY how to push the buttons of any honey under her control. And she definitely doesn't take any prisoners! So you may well find Jasmine wearing the strap-ons these days, not only being pummeled by them. But whenever Jasmine does become Domme, it's pretty common to find her submissive get revenge. And when she does, it's sexy bondage carnage!

Height: 5 ft 4" (163 cm)
Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Bust: 32" DD
Waist: 23"
Hips: 33"
Eye Colour: Blue-Green
Hair: Blonde/Long
Shoe Size: 5 (US)
Dress Size: 4 (US)

30653 photos

3279 minutes

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Updates with Jasmine Sinclair...

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No Pain, No Gain!

21 March, 2014

162 Photos & 16 Mins Video
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Veronica Vice, Jasmine Sinclair

Sweet, innocent Veronica Vice wants to get fit. But when she takes it way too easy, personal trainer Jasmine has a few kinky tricks up her sleeve for this lazy student... Jasmine spreads Veronica's legs with a metal bar and cuffs her hands. Ballgagged and with her tits and pussy exposed, Veronica has no choice as her trainer sets about exercising her...spanking her butt, LICKING out her pussy juices, then FUCKING HER FROM BEHIND WITH A STRAP-ON, bringing to orgasm again and again! We're not sure if this is really the best way to tone up, but we're not complaining one bit! ;-)

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No Match for Metal!

17 March, 2014

294 Photos & 10 Mins Video
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Jasmine Sinclair

Just who is Jasmine trying to kid, sitting pretty there in her new lingerie? We know she'd rather be chained tight, stripped naked, ballgagged and made to FUCK HERSELF! Well, even if she doesn't, that is EXACTLY what's going to happen to her!! (more for members...)

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When a Domme Gets Domme'd...

14 March, 2014

299 Photos & 27 Mins Video
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Jasmine Sinclair, Jaiden West, Sammie Kane

An incredible 3-GIRL scene of ROPE BONDAGE, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, SLAVE ORGASMS and REVENGE, along with the debut of wonderful Mistress Sammie Kane!

Slavegirl Jasmine thinks she is doing her Mistress Sammie a favour when she ties fellow slavegirl Jaiden and whips her! But Mistress is furious at her slavegirl becoming a domme without permission. ALL HELL breaks lose as Sammie Kane orders both girls to strip, ties them tight and punishes them thoroughly - nipple abuse, harsh pussy whipping, dildo fucking, ball-gagging, multiple orgasms and more! And she pays particular attention to the body of that trumped up wannabe-domme Jasmine. Poor little Jasmine, oh how she suffers...!!!!
(more for members...)

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Ashleigh's Hogtie Revenge!

10 March, 2014

273 Photos & 44 Mins Video

Jasmine Sinclair, Ashleigh MacKenzie

REVENGE IS SERVED HOT AND HORNY in this MONSTER 44-MINUTE BONDAGE VIDEO! Jasmine tricks Ashleigh into letting her be hogtied nude and made to orgasm. But Jasmine doesn't tie the ropes well enough and Ashleigh escapes... So now it's Jasmine's turn to pay!! Pinning her to the bed, Ashleigh strips Jasmine naked and hogties her extremely tight. She whips her, ballgags her, tickles her little bare feet, and tapes a vibe to her pussy. Jasmine is completely helpless to prevent herself being made to orgasm! JUSTICE IS DELIVERED!! (more for members...)

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Movie Mayhem!

7 March, 2014

178 Photos & 20 Mins Video
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Jasmine James, Jasmine Sinclair

A night at the flicks turns super kinky for little Jasmine James when her boyfriend ties her to a seat in the back row! Friend Jasmine Sinclair is less keen on freeing her, and more keen on taking advantage of the situation... Tying the brunette in even more rope and spreading her legs, cinema usherette Sinclair helps herself to Jasmine James's tits and pussy, whipping them, clamping her nipples, fingering her deep and fucking her with a dildo! Handgagged then ballgagged, it's time to make Jasmine James cum, but the other Jasmine is going to join in the fun too!! (more for members...)

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Slavegirls' Choice...

3 March, 2014

248 Photos & 7 Mins Video
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Holly Kiss, Jasmine Sinclair

Not much choice at all in fact, as slavegirls Jasmine and Holly are made to strip each other and cuff each other. Humiliating and degrading, and that's even before Master orders them to fuck a DOUBLE-ENDED VIBRATOR DOWN ON ALL-FOURS!

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Lost Explorer Bound for Spit-Roasting!

28 February, 2014

187 Photos & 21 Mins Video
4 Previews Remaining
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Jasmine Sinclair, Sapphire Blue, Jess West

No use looking at your SatNav, Jasmine. It's TOO LATE for you now! Lost in the jungle, Jasmine thinks she is lucky when she stumbles across a tribal hut. But really it's out of the fire and into the frying pan for our unfortunate explorer... The native girls are hungry for fresh meat, and Jasmine will do perfectly! Overpowering her, they tie Jasmine up, cut off her clothes, clamp her tits and gag her. We thought natives stewed lost explorers in huge cooking pots, but it turns out they prefer to roast them...or rather SPIT-ROAST them in poor Jasmine's case!! And there's a load more abuse to come for Jasmine and her sex hole... (more for members...)

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