Jasmine Sinclair

Meet our resident model Jasmine Sinclair...
...Exclusive to BoundHoneys!

Never happier than when bound, stripped and punished, Jasmine was born to submit!

Renowned bondage model and generally naughty girl, you'll see Jasmine in the thick of things as she takes every kind of punishment and abuse you can think of...and more besides!

Poor Jasmine loses her clothes, her dignity and much more as the other Honeys take full advantage of her, for our viewing pleasure!! Tied up, spanked, stripped, abused, clamped, gagged, exposed, and bondage fucked. It's all in a day's work for our Jasmine!

But is there trouble at mill???....
....Nowadays you may also find Jasmine dishing out the abuse on other hotties, not just taking it! As a natural submissive, Jasmine knows EXACTLY how to push the buttons of any honey under her control. And she definitely doesn't take any prisoners! So you may well find Jasmine wearing the strap-ons these days, not only being pummeled by them. But whenever Jasmine does become Domme, it's pretty common to find her submissive get revenge. And when she does, it's sexy bondage carnage!

Height: 5 ft 4" (163 cm)
Weight: 105 lbs (7 st 7 lbs) (48 kg)
Bust: 32" DD
Waist: 23"
Hips: 33"
Eye Colour: Blue-Green
Hair: Blonde/Long
Shoe Size: 4 (UK)
Dress Size: 8 (UK)

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3020 minutes

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17 mins

Downfall of a Puppygirl Princess!

19 April, 2013

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Jasmine Sinclair, Jess West, Katie K

SPOILT BRAT PUPPYGIRL JASMINE has got away with her bad behaviour far too long! She might have been able to get whatever she wanted from her previous owner, but Katie K is having none of it! She commands puppies Jasmine and Jess to do doggy tricks, play fetch and get into their cage, but Jasmine once again acts like a prima donna! Katie has had enough and punishes her in the MOST DEGRADING WAYS POSSIBLE!! With the help of good little puppygirl Jess, Jasmine is spread wide open with steel bars while Katie and puppygirl Jess take it in turns to SPIT-ROAST HER BOTH WAYS, DOGGY-STYLE! As they enjoy her at both ends, Katie whips puppy bitch Jasmine as she is forced to cum. But Katie hasn't finished with her pussy hole yet... (more for members...)

14 mins

BONUS: A Very Corporal Punishment!

17 April, 2013

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Jasmine Sinclair, Mistress Alexandra

We donate Jasmine to one of the most terrifying Mistresses there is and let her do whatever she wants with our little sub! Mistress Alexandra chooses an ONSLAUGHT OF THE HARSHEST CORPORAL PUNISHMENT!!! Naked and strapped helpless to a table, Jasmine's butt is the target for Mistress's cruel and accurate whipping skills! She uses a load of her most evil crops, whips and floggers to inflict impact after painful impact on Jasmine's poor behind, TURNING IT SCARLET AND BEYOND!! Somehow Jasmine takes everything that is thrown at her, like the good little sub she is. And just when she thinks her painful marathon is over, Jasmine gets FUCKED TO A FORCED ORGASM! (more for members...)

10 mins

CSI: Bondage!

15 April, 2013

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Jasmine Sinclair

Police officer Jasmine should have called for backup! When she investigates a scene of crime in the woods, she doesn’t realize the criminal is still there... Jasmine wakes up to find herself chained to a post, bound with her own handcuffs, tape-gagged and half stripped. The man then helps himself to her, stripping her totally and taping a vibe to her pussy so Jasmine has to orgasm, right there in the open! (more for members...)

13 mins

First Night at The Bondage Hotel...

12 April, 2013

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LouLou, Jasmine Sinclair

LouLou's life is about to change, DRASTICALLY! Stuck in a nine-to-five existence, her partner buys her a stay at the BONDAGE HOTEL. She NEEDS KINKINESS in her life and she gets it... Following orders, LouLou strips down to her stockings and puts on a slave collar. Now it's time to face her first very harsh, very deviant lesson from the first of the hotel's Mistresses... After being forced to WORSHIP MISTRESS'S BOOTS, LouLou is TIED UP TIGHT WITH HER PUSSY WIDE OPEN, WHIPPED, SPANKED, FINGERED, ABUSED, AND FUCKED OVER AND OVER!!! This little blonde has to take it ALL! (more for members...)

6 mins

Ooh La La!

8 April, 2013

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Jasmine Sinclair

We thought we'd give Jasmine a chance to show off her stunning corset and stockings. But she doesn't get a chance to strut her stuff in the boulevards of Paris...Instead we cuff her to a chair, spread her legs with a metal bar, and force her to fuck a rubber dildo! Plenty of closeups here to show off every part of our sexy mademoiselle in wonderful detail. (more for members...)

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